Doug Pope

Ed McKean. Caged Flight, 2000

Doug Pope. Caged Flight, 2000

Doug Pope is an artist who dreams of being a cartoonist–in a few lines to create a sketch that is humorous, entertaining, and spontaneous. The problem with this dream is that cartoons depend on clever ideas. The over-insistence on cleverness in art can be counter-productive to the exploratory process of making art. Doug asked himself would it be possible to make art without answering to a compulsive need for meaning, for cleverness? Doug’s answer was and is the drawing game. It is a way to create art without thinking, but it still requires discipline and encourages creativity. Based in Nova Scotia, Canada, Doug is currently exploring figures influenced by advertising, Cubism and surrealism.

Ed McKean. Gate Keeper, 2000

Doug Pope. Gate Keeper, 2000


Three Cubic Figures

Doug Pope. Three Cubic Figures, 2011

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